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Are Christians Allowed to Drink?
Are Circumcised Christians Going to Hell?
Are Labyrinths Christian?
Are the Kingdoms of God and Heaven Different?
Are the Words of Christ Contained in the Gospel of Thomas?
Are There Contradictions in the Resurrection Accounts?
Are There Different Degrees of Sin and Punishment?
Are Sermons Getting Too Simplistic?
Are Paul's Writings Binding?
Can a Divorced Christian Remarry?
Can a Zealot Become a Christian?
Can God Hate?
Can God Hate Enough to Send People to Hell?
Can God Make a Rock So Big God Can't Move It?
Can God's Mind be Changed?
Can We be Christian Without the Church?
Can We Call God Mother?
Can We Lose Our Salvation?
Can We Love Our Animals Too Much?
Can We Pray to the Saints?
Can We Prove God Exists?
Can We Talk to the Dead?
Can We Trust English Translations of the Bible?
Can You Explain Eternity?
Can You Teach Me To Pray?
Did Animals Really Talk in the Bible?
Did God Approve Animal Sacrifices?
Did God Create Humanity in Order to Show Mercy?
Did God Plan for Judas to Betray Jesus?
Did God Give Adam and Eve the Desire to Sin?
Did God Really Give Palestine to Israel?
Did Israel Believe in Only One God?
Did Israel Have Thanksgiving?
Did Israel Offer Sacrifices to Demons?
Did It Rain Before Noah's Day?
Did Jacob and Esau Really Reconcile?
Did Jesus' Death Actually Pay for Our Sin?
Did Jesus Go to Hell?
Did Jesus Have Brothers?
Did Judas Go to Hell for Committing Suicide?
Did Judas Go to Hell for Betraying Jesus?
Did Magic Snakes Heal People in the Bible?
Did Moses Himself Write the Books of Moses?
Did President Clinton Really Commit Adultery?
Did the Apostles Always Know they'd be an Apostle?
Do Animals have Souls?
Do Babies Have to be Baptized to Get to Heaven?
Do Children Grow Up in Heaven?
Do Christians Become Angels in Heaven?
Do Christians Have to Tithe?
Do Christians Practice Paganism?
Do Christians Worship the Bible?
Do Death Bed Confessions Count?
Do We Have to Speak in Tongues to be Saved?
Do We Really have to Forgive Everyone?
Do We Really have Guardian Angels?
Do We Really have to Love Our Enemies All the Time?
Do Women Get to Heaven Because they Have Children?
Does a Tithe Have to be Money?
Does God Exist and Is the Bible Authoritative?
Does God Hear Sinner's Prayers?
Does God Tempt Us Too Far?
Does the Bible Allow Us to Worship Other Gods?
Does the Bible Contradict Itself?
Does the Bible Promote Vegetarianism?
Does the Bible Support the Notion of the 4th Dimension?
Does the Bible Teach the Jewish New Year is in the Spring or the Fall?
Does the Bread and Wine Turn to Flesh and Blood During Communion?
Does the Church have the Right to Expel Members?
Does the Church Oppose the Wealthy?
Does the New Covenant Require Tithing?
Does the Soul Exist?
How Can an Overweight Minister be Effective?
How Can I Avoid Intimidating "Christians"?
How Can I Be Sure God Hears My Prayers?
How Can I Deal with Unbeliever's Excuses About the Bible?
How Can I Defend My Faith?
How Can I Do Evangelism?
How Can I Find God?
How Can I Find a Good Church?
How Can I Find Meaning in Christmas?
How Can I Make Table Grace Non-Repetitive?
How Can People Take the Bible Literally?
How Can the Church Support War?
How Can We Know What Jesus Really Said?
How Christ-like Do Christians Have to Be?
How Did Cain Kill Abel?
How Did People Talk in Bible Times?
How Do People Make the Bible Say Anything They Want It To?
How Do We Find Meaning in Biblical Myth?
How Do We Pronounce God's Real Name?
How Does Reincarnation Work?
How Hospitable Must Christians Be?
How Important are Biblical Names
How Important was Prayer to Jesus?
How Long Did Methuselah Actually Live?
How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?
How Many Animals were there on Noah's Ark?
How Responsible are Christians to the World?
How Should the Church Handle Troublemakers?
How Should We Dress for Church?
If God's Omniscient, Do We Really Have Free-Will?
If Jesus is the Word of God, Isn't the Bible Infallible?
If Jesus was Born Today, Would He be Treated Any Better?
Is a Mustard Seed Really the Smallest Seed?
Is a Pastor a Shepherd?
Is Assisted Suicide Christian?
Is Biblical Adultery the Same as Adultery Today?
Is Capital Punishment Christian?
Is Christianity Healthy?
Is Confession Legitimate in Protestant Churches?
Is Euthanasia Biblically Acceptable?
Is the Church Responsible for Child Rearing?
If Everyone is Related Through Adam, Are We All Guilty of Incest?
Is Feminism and Evangelicalism Compatible?
Is Foot Washing a Legitimate Rite of the Church?
Is Gambling a Sin?
Is Gluttony a Lifestyle Sin?
Is God a God of War?
Is God Behind the Bad Things that Happen--or Is It Just Fate?
Is God Politically Correct?
Is God Really One?
Is God the Only Giver and Taker of Life?
Is God the Only Giver and Taker of Life?
Part 2

Is It a Sin to Smoke or Chew?
Is it Wrong to Curse?
Is It Wrong to Have Long Hair?
Is Jesus Really God?
Is Loving Jesus a Romantic Thing?
Is Overeating a Sin?
Is Paganism Evil?
Is Peter's Calling in Luke and John Another Contradiction?
Is Reincarnation a Reality?
Is Speaking in Tongues the Only Sign of the Holy Spirit?
Is Sprinkling the Same as Baptism?
Is Stigmata for Real
Is Thanksgiving a Religious Holiday?
Is the Bible and Evolution Compatible?
Is the Bible Reliable?
Is the Church Full of Idols and Graven Images?
Is the Father Also the Son?
Is the Gospel of Thomas Authentic?"
Is the Movie Stigmata Based on Fact?
Stigmata Part 2
Is the Old Testament Inferior?
Is the Old Testament Relevant Today?
Is the Privatization of Religion a Good Thing?
Is the Roman Catholic Church the One, True Church?
Is the Textus Receptus the Only Legitimate Source for Our Bible?
Is the Virgin Birth a Myth?
Is the Word of Faith Movement Legitimate?
Is There a Puppy Heaven?
Is There Any Proof that Heaven Exists?
Is There Anything Wrong With Premarital Sex?"
Is There Going to Be a Rapture?
Is There Really a Fifth Gospel?
Is There Really a Heaven?
Is There Really a Hell?
Is There Really a Purgatory?
Is There Really Nothing New Under the Sun?
Is the Song of Solomon too Erotic to be Preached?
Is Unification of the Church a Good Thing?
Multiple Questions About Prayer
Must We Honor Abusive Parents?
Should a Christian Marry an Unbeliever?
Should a Christian Remain in an Abusive Relationship?
Should Christians Celebrate Holidays?
Should Christians Eat Meat?
Should Christians Fear the End Times?
Should Christians Point Out Other's Sins?
Should Christians Try to Convert People of Other Faiths?
Should Foot Washing Be Practiced in the Church?
Should Christians Emphasize the 10 Commandments?
Should the Church Accept (or Solicit) Offerings from Non-Believers?
Should We Get Baptized?
Should We Test the Bible?
Should Women be Allowed to Preach?
Should Women be Silent in Church?
Was Abraham Really a Righteous Man?
Was David Really a Man After God's Own Heart?
Was Jesus Born in a Barn?
Was Jesus Crucified on the Site of the Dome of the Rock?
Was Jonah Actually Swallowed by a Whale?
Was King David a Sociopath?
Was There Child Sacrifice in the Old Testament?
Were Adam and Eve the Only Humans on Earth in the Beginning?
What Are Some Common Christmas Myths?
What Are the Ten Commandments?
What Date was Jesus Born on?
What Day is the Sabbath Day?
What Did Jesus Do Between Age 12 and 30?
What Did Jesus Give Up to be Born on Earth?
What Did Jesus Look Like?
What Did Jesus Have to Teach Us About Business?
What Do I Give Up for Lent?"
What Does It Mean, "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child?"
What Does it Mean to be Saved?
What Does the Bible Say About Genealogy?
What Does the Bible Say About Psychics, Mediums, and Divination?
What Does the Parable of the Old Wineskins Mean?
What Happened to Mary After Jesus' Death?
What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
What Happened to the Lost Books of the Bible?
What Happened to the People Resurrected with Jesus?
What is a Christian?
What is Divination?
What is a Mortal Sin?
What is a Pastor's Biblical Job Description?
What is a Scapegoat?
What is a "Tithe?"
What is Ash Wednesday?
What is COCU All About?
What is Forever?
What is the Difference Between Blessing and Praying? What is God's Real Name?
What is Heaven Like?
What is Prayer?
What is Rosh Hashanah?
What is Significant About Jacob's Wrestling Match?
What is the Best Biblical Translation?
What is the Best Way to Read the Bible?

What is the Curse of Ham?

What is the Difference Between a Disciple and an Apostle?

What is the Difference Between Hades and Hell?

What is the Difference Between Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation?

What is the Hidden Meaning in The Twelve Days of Christmas?

What is the Main Thing of Christianity?

What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the Relationship Between Faith and Philosophy?

What is the Relationship Between Faith and Works?

What is the Textus Receptus?

What is the Third Heaven?

What is the Trinity?

What is the Difference Between a Christian and a Disciple?

What is the Purpose of the Pulpit?

What is the Relationship Between Baptism and Communion?

What's the Story with Jehoiachin?

What was Jesus' Crucifixion Like?

What was Wrong with Cain's Offering?

Whatever Happened to Ishmael?

When did the Church Begin to Celebrate Christmas?

When Did the Holy Spirit First Come?

When is the Second Coming?

When is the Biblical New Year?

When was Jesus Born?

When Was the Holy Spirit Revealed?

Where Did Angels Come From?

Where Did Cain Get a Wife?

Where Did Halloween Come From?

Where Did Satan Come From?

Where Did the Sign of the Fish Come From?

Where Do Microwave Ovens Come From?

Where Do the Dinosaurs and Cave-Dwellers Fit in the Bible?

Where Did the Apostle's Creed Come From?

Where is Grace in the Old Testament?

Where is Sheol?

Which Church would Jesus Go To?

Who are God's Elect?

Who are the Nephilim?

Who Are the Post Moderns?

Who Baptized Jesus?

Who Created God?

Who is 666 (The Number of the Beast)?

Who is the Real Jesus of the Bible?

Who "Did Not Taste Death" Before the Coming of the Kingdom

Who has Seen God and Lived?

Who has to have Faith for Healings?

Who Killed Goliath David or Elhanan?

Who was Queen Vashti?

Who Were Jesus' Brothers and Sisters?

Who Were the Philistines?

Who/What is the Trinity?

Why are the Birth Accounts of Jesus Different?

Why are the Genealogies of Jesus in Matthew and Luke Different?

Why are There So Many Hypocrites in Church?

Why are there Two Different Creation Stories in Genesis?

Why Aren't Christians Kosher?

Why Be a Christian?

Why Can't We Audibly Hear God Speak?

Why Did David Pick-Up Five Stones?

Why Did God Create a World of Pain?

Why Did Jesus Sit to Preach?

Why Did Jesus Think He Was God-Forsaken on the Cross?

Why Did Jesus Think He Was God-Forsaken on the Cross?--Another Answer

Why Did the Roman Soldier Stab the Crucified Jesus?

Why Didn't Bible-Believing Christians Join the Protestant Reformation?

Why Didn't the Apostles Recognize Jesus After His Resurrection?

Why Didn't the Apostles Recognize Jesus After His Resurrection? Part 2

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why Do Pastors Leave Their Churches?

Why Do People Misquote and Misinterpret Scripture?

Why Do Some Christians Think It's Okay to Tell Little White Lies?

Why Do Some Clergy Wear Robes in Church?

Why Do Some Raise Their Hands in Worship?

Why Does God Seem So Far Away When I Pray?

Why Does the Bible Have Mean-Spirited Psalms (Like Psalm 109)?

Why Does the Bible Misquote Itself?

Why Does the Catholic Bible Have More Books?

Why Does the Catholic Church Accept the "Secrets of Fatima"?

Why Does God Make Challenged Children?

Why Does God Take Those We Love?

Why Does the Church Approve of Capital Punishment?

Why Does the Church Add Rules to the Bible?

Why Doesn't the Bible Mention Stigmata?

Why Doesn't God Prove "He" Exists?

Why Doesn't the Church Take a Stand on Difficult Issues?

Why Don't All Churches Have Bishops?

Why Don't Protestants Do Confession?

Why Is Esther in the Bible, but Judith Isn't?

Why Is Food a Part of Everything in Church?

Why is the Animal Kingdom So Violent?

Why is the Bible So Sexist?

Why is the God of the Old Testament So Wrathful?

Why is the Music in Most Churches So Boring?

Why is the Church Exempt from Discrimination in Employment Laws (and others!)?

Why is the U.S. Church Racially Divided?

Why is There One Pink Advent Candle?

Why Must You Write About Such Controversial Questions?

Why Should I Get Baptized?

Why Would God Hear My Prayers?

Will Both Victim and Murderer be in Heaven?

Will Jesus' Gender Change at the Second Coming?

Will the World End in 2000?

Would God Really Ask Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac?


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