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The House Church Network: Dedicated to Kingdom Expansion

Welcome to the HCNA, a small Café in the Ministry Marketplace.  We're here to do what we can to undergird the Church-Without-Walls and the House Church Movements in North America. In 2006, Bill Tenny-Brittian, the founder of the HCNA became a Senior Consultant with the Easum, Bandy, & Associates church training and consulting firm. Much of what was once found on the HCNA site has been migrated to the Easum, Bandy, & Associates site (www.easumbandy.com).

Today, Bill is supported by the full resources of the EBA organization and so he is better prepared than ever to pitch in for the transformation of North America and the uttermost reaches of the world to ensure the Gospel is taken seriously. Whether he's helping the established church to get real with the culture, coaching House Church leaders locally or worldwide, or leading seminars and workshops in developing spirtual leaders, he remains committed to the Kingdom of God in all it's manifestations.




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