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Once upon a time...

Bill T-B used to write a weekly column for The Walton Tribune, the county newspaper in Monroe County, Georgia.  The column was called A Pastor's Ponderings and it answered questions - hundreds of them - that were submitted by readers around the world.  Some questions were dead serious, others were whimsical, but all of them were thought-provoking. 

We've taken over 300 of those columns and made them available to you for use in your House Church or in another Church-Without-Walls alternative forum.  Use them as conversation starters, as teaching aids, or just to get some "Gee-Whiz" knowldege.  Bill tried to offer a balanced view in each column and it often seems he didn't come down on one side or the other.  Instead, he tried to present the orthodox views,  scholarly views, and contemporary views in order to spark discussion.

Before you use one of the columns in your church setting, please read the column in advance to determin its appropriateness for your setting.  Not all columns will fly in every situation. 

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